“I had a really great experience when I came to visit the doctor and wish to thank all involved. The staff were efficient and very kind. The level of care was superior and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Brevard Heart to all that I know. Thank you very much.” – Theresa

“I received excellent care from you. The staff was courteous and helpful and would recommend your care to anyone I know that needs cardiac care.”  Sincerely yours, Harry

“The doctor and his staff were very helpful and cared about MY needs. I am very happy with him and would recommend to all friends and family, thank you”. – Tim

“I sent my wife to Brevard Heart because I have full confidence the doctor. He saved my life.” – Terry

“The care I received has been great. I love having Brevard Heart as my heart care Doctor”. – Theresa

“I was very pleased with my visit to Brevard Heart. He was very helpful and explained my situation very carefully. I would definitely recommend the doctor to my friends.” – William

“I am completely satisfied with the care I received. Staff members were competent, courteous, and helpful in getting tests accomplished quickly, but safely. Yes, I will recommend Brevard Heart. Thank you very much.” – Toni

“I love this doctor and his staff. We all have a good laugh when I am there and he saved my life by bringing down my blood pressure. He checked and I needed to be on medication to keep it down. Now I am pain free and good blood pressure. ‘Yes’ I would recommend him as a great heart specialist.” – Linda

“The doctor and his staff were extremely helpful, kind and compassionate. I would definitely recommend Brevard Heart.” – Laura

“This doctor is a fine fellow, like the other staff is a great medical provider and I would recommend him any of my friends and family.” Thanks, Eric

“Dear doctor, Thank you for the outstanding care you provided me. Everyone was very impressed with you. Thank you for the care and the treatment. I will see you soon at my next appointment!” Sincerely, Terence

“I would highly recommend Brevard Heart to my friends and already given out his name for the procedure that I had. The doctor went above and beyond for my treatment. His staff is personable and well trained as well.” Thank you, Heather

“It is rare that you find a doctor & staff that sincerely care about you and your wellbeing. The staff and Dr. definitely fit this description. You are treated with care and respect, as an individual and not just a number. He answered my questions, explained in detail my condition, etc. The staff was friendly, professional, courteous, and sincerely concerned about my well being. I especially like the folder I received with all my paperwork. I highly recommend Brevard Heart & Vascular Institute.” Sincerely, Beatrix

“The service I received from Brevard Heart and Vascular Institute has been professional. The staff was very courteous, they explained the process completely and thoroughly. They gave good explanations and definitions of the words and procedures I did not understand. They are very polite and they showed that they cared about my situation. I would recommend them to anybody who has heart or vascular problems. I felt like I was treated as a person, rather than a number. I feel very comfortable when I am treated at the Brevard Heart & Vascular Institute.” – Patricia