Heart attack. Two words strikes fear into everyone’s hearts. A clenching pain in your chest, letting you know that your life could change forever. The symptoms of an upcoming heart attack can come in many different forms. It could be a dull ache to a sharp stabbing pain, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, or tingling in your left arm. Too many times people ignore these warning signs until it is too late, and instead of visiting a doctor’s office they are rushing to the emergency room.

While some may put off their health to a later date, you can make the smart choice and choose to get your heart symptoms checked out as soon as you experience them. Your health is no joke, and you should always seek help when needed.  Fortunately for people experiencing these symptoms, there are board certified physicians right around the corner. Dr. Kim at Brevard Heart and Vascular is an interventional cardiologist who focuses on cardiology diagnostics in the clinic setting, and outpatient surgery at the Surgery Center of Viera.

If you, a loved one, or a friend are experiencing any chest pain, shortness of breath, or any other heart related symptoms please call 321-751-3389 to schedule your appointment today.